This program will enable the student to meet entry-level requirements for employment as a maintenance machinist.

Students must complete all program requirements, including approved electives, with a “C” or better.

Gainful Employment Information


Freshman Year – Fall Semester

Class Credit Hours
ENTK 2501 – Intro to Computer Aided Drafting I 1
MCHT 1500 – General Machine Shop 2
MCHT 1610 – Machine Tool Technology 2
TECH 1005 – Applied Technical Writing 3
WELD 1700 – General Welding 3
Constitutional Requirements 2-3
Freshman Foundations 1
*Approved Electives 1
Total Credit Hours: 15-16

Freshman Year – Spring Semester

Class Credit Hours
ENTK 2506 – Intro to Computer Aided Drafting II 1
MATH 1515 – Applied Technical Math 3
MCHT 1620 – Machine Tool Technology II 3
WELD 1650 – Print Reading 3
*Approved Electives 5-6
Outcomes Assessment:
Exam (Included in MCHT 1620) 0
Total Credit Hours: 15-16

*Approved Electives: Any course at the 1000 or above level with the following prefixes: AGTK, ELTR, ENTR, HLED, or WELD.

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