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Archaeology is the study of human cultures of the past. Archaeologists collect data from the material remains left behind by human activity to reconstruct past cultural behavior and lifeways. Fields of archaeology include Classical Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Prehistoric Archaeology, Bioarchaeology, Geoarchaeology, Ethnoarchaeology, and Museology. Job opportunities in archaeology in Wyoming include Cultural Resource Management for private firms or for the BLM, National Park Service, etc.

Courses Offered

ANTH 1100 – Biological Anthropology

The study of the physical or biological aspects of humans. This can include the study of other primates as well. This course counts as a Lab Science, and is for 4 credits.

ANTH 1200 – Cultural Anthropology

The study of human societies and cultures through time and across the world. Cultural anthropologists can focus on particular aspects of culture, like language or religion. This course counts as a Social and Behavioral Science, and is for 3 credits.

ANTH 1300 – Archaeology

The study of human societies, cultures and behavior in the past, through analysis of the material remains they’ve left behind. This course counts as a Social and Behavioral Science at EWC, and transfers as a Natural Science at University of Wyoming.

ANTH 2460 – Archaeology Field School

Covers field and basic laboratory methods in archaeology for data collection, analysis and interpretation of cultural material. Emphasis is placed on archaeological questions, scientific methods, heritage preservation and culture change. This is a 6 credit course that fulfills the requirements of a field school at most universities.

Scholarships are available for EWC courses, including the field school.

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Public Archaeology

Concurrent with the Archaeological Field School in the summer, we have a number of public archaeology programs. These include Archaeology Days, in which school or civic groups can participate in workshops, tours, activities and even excavations at Sunrise Mine.

Workshops and Activities

We offer several workshops and activities year-round to enhance the educational experience for our outreach participants. These can include atlatl (spear-thrower) instruction and practice, artifact identification, flintknapping, potterymaking, and lab methods. Workshops and programs can be geared toward elementary and high-school levels, or they can take the form of community education classes.

Community Archaeology

In addition to courses, workshops and activities, we can also provide talks or programs to your groups. We like to include the entire community in our efforts. Contact us for more information at


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Program Director - Archaeology

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