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Have you ever imagined pursuing a career where you can make a difference and protect others?
The criminal justice field may be a perfect fit for you. While the criminal justice field can be challenging, it can also be very rewarding. The Criminal Justice program at Eastern Wyoming College (EWC) can help you gain the necessary knowledge and skills to begin the first steps of your career in law enforcement, criminal court, and corrections. For those wishing to enter the criminal justice field, possessing a degree will increase the likelihood of being hired, increase the possibility of advancement, and supply students with the necessary knowledge and skills to assist them on the job. Students wishing to transfer from EWC to obtain a bachelor’s degree will have half their general education requirements, major requirements, and major electives completed at a lower cost.  They can concentrate on upper-level courses at the four-year college with a solid knowledge base. The program can also benefit those wishing to enter related fields like mental health, substance use, and social services. Those currently employed in the criminal justice system will find EWC’s Criminal Justice program beneficial to advancement.
The Criminal Justice program at EWC possesses many advantages.  Our faculty possess the necessary education and professional experience in the criminal justice field.  As a whole, the experience of our faculty covers the entire criminal justice system (law enforcement, criminal court system, and corrections).  We have a lab where students can learn crime scene analysis
techniques (such as fingerprinting and DNA collection) and a virtual reality system where students can learn about traffic stops, crisis intervention, de-escalation techniques, use of force,
searches, etc.
According to Associate Professor Rebecca Cornish, “Program requirement coursework will expose students to the entire criminal justice system. Our program elective courses allow students to specialize based on the part of the system they wish to enter. We regularly communicate with agencies in the criminal justice and related fields to ensure our program is current and gives students the knowledge and skills that are in demand.”

Program Note: Those considering a career in the criminal justice field should be aware of strict admissions criteria employed by state standards and criminal justice agencies. Factors that may disqualify candidates for employment in the profession include conviction of a crime, history of drug abuse, psychological problems, and various physical conditions. Certain classes in the Eastern Wyoming College criminal justice programs may also be restricted to individuals for the same reasons. Please consult with a department faculty advisor if you have any concerns in this area.

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“I received my Associates Degree in the Criminal Justice Field through EWC and I have nothing but good things to say about the program. The instructors were very knowledgeable in their field and I was able to obtain a lot of information that I am able to use on my job. I will always cherish the experience and it helped build me into the person I am today.”

– Rebecca Riggs, Case Manager and Special Management Team at Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution