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A career in Human Services involves helping people. The job market is growing and this degree provides the skills and information necessary to succeed. Careers that this degree leads to are wide-ranging: victims’ advocate, domestic violence worker, community health worker, behavioral therapist, child adoption specialist, probation officer, substance abuse counselor, crisis intervention specialist, and school counselor.

Human Services is a two-year degree and, after completing our program, you will have the training, tools, and confidence to enter one of those professions. The program is led by Professor Ellen Creagar, J.D., M.A., who says, “students with many diverse interests can find connections here. We support our students and focus on the amazing career opportunities in the field. Our program is designed to help every community in the EWC service industry.”

“This program is really powerful, providing training in managing client files and also has two different field experience courses, so students get experience and make connections,” according to Creagar. “Right away students can expect our department to reflect the larger mission of the college: we are welcoming and warm, and we have students in the front of our minds.”


Notice of background check: All Human Services students are subject to background checks for the field experience coursework. Student financial aid may be used to cover the cost.

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