1Application for general admission to EWC0
2Application to the EWC Nursing Program0
3Official High School transcript or High School Equivalency Certificate0
4Official transcripts from ALL colleges previously attended0
5Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate0 points but required by the start of the fall semester
6TEAS Test adjusted individual total score. A minimum score of 58.7% must be achievedScore: 100-58.7%Added to GPA
7College grade point average. A minimum grade point average of 2.50 is required. GPA is calculated using all Nursing Program Prerequisites. All Prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher. See GPA CalculationGPA: 2.5-4.0Added to TEAS Score
8Bonus Points AssignedBonus Points added to GPA and TEAS Score

Bonus Points

Additional bonus points can be earned by having permanent residency as defined in the EWC Catalog.

  • Converse County, Crook, Weston, Niobrara, Platte, Goshen = 5 points,
  • Other Wyoming counties = 2 points
  • Memorial Hospital of Converse County (MHCC) Employee or Banner Health Employee = 5 points

You must meet the minimum of 61.2 points to qualify for the additional residency bonus points.

Students will be ranked according to GPA plus the TEAS Score. BONUS points will be added after the ranking. The top students will be admitted and an additional two students will be chosen as alternatives provided they have met the minimum requirement of 61.2 points.


Eastern Wyoming College Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation for Entrance into the ADN NURSING Program – Beginning Fall of 2019

An overall GPA of 2.5 will be the minimum GPA to apply to the Nursing Program. We will ONLY calculate the Nursing Program courses/equivalents to include the ReNEW requirements from the University of Wyoming as indicated below. All but PHCY 3450-Pathophysiology and PHCY 4470 Pharmacology can be taken at EWC. Starred items (*) are EWC Prerequisites that must be complete BY THE END OF SPRING SEMESTER for conditional acceptance into the program in the fall. All prerequisites must be a “C” or better. Mid-term grades will be verified and used as the overall GPA. The other courses listed may or may not be completed prior to admission. Anatomy and Physiology must have been taken within 5 years of applying unless special permission is granted by the Nursing Director.

  • *ENGL 1010-English Comp
  • *BIOL 1010-General Biology
  • *Freshman Foundations-College Studies
  • *MATH 1400-Pre-Calc Algebra
  • ZOO 2015-Human Anatomy
  • ZOO 2025-Human Physiology
  • CO/M 2010-Public Speaking
  • PSYC 1000-General Psychology
  • MOLB 2240-Medical Microbiology
  • POLS 1000-American & Wyoming Government
  • UW Humanities Elective
  • UW 2050 STAT-Statistics
  • UW 1000 CHEM-Introductory Chemistry
  • UW 1141 FCSC -Nutrition
  • UW 1050 BIOL- Medical Terminology
  • UW PHCY 3450 Pathophysiology
  • UW PHYC 4470 Pharmacology

To remain in the Nursing Program, an overall GPA of 2.0 must be maintained throughout with no “D” in nursing courses.