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The Social Science degree is an umbrella covering history, political science, psychology, and sociology. Whether you are interested in law school, social work, counseling, public policy, or teaching social studies, this degree will prepare you!

After completing this degree, you will be ready to transfer to a four-year college to further your education. The program is led by Professor Ellen Creagar, J.D., M.A., who believes EWC is the right choice for students interested in these fields, “Our students have immediate and direct contact with their professors. We are available for them, willing and ready to have conversations about what careers and work in these fields looks like.”

This degree offers different experiential learning opportunities outside the classroom. According to students, “I don’t think the incredible things we did on the trip or camaraderie we had will be forgotten anytime soon. I think we all will tell these stories many times and even if just one person listens that’s all it takes to teach more people.” And, “it allowed me to see and form the connection to what I learned in the semester. It allowed me to study different cultures, religions, traditions, the way structures were built and used.” Finally, “this trip gave me the motivation, inspiration, and confidence to go back to believing that I should follow my childhood dreams/goals in wanting to explore the world further and hopefully end up moving away from home!”

Our graduates are working all across the state: practicing law, teaching, counseling, and working in archives and museums. “Our students are going on to become the things they dream of,” says Creagar. “Students enter our program, figure out what they want to do, and now they are doing it!”


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