To assist families with meeting educational costs when their own resources are not enough, EWC offers a variety of federal, state and institutional funding, which include grants, scholarships, employment opportunities, low-interest loans and payment plans.

Financial aid awards vary based on individual student needs and eligibility, as well as funding availability and enrollment level. Students should first apply for multiple sources of gift (or “free”) aid each year and leave borrowing student loans as a last resort since loans MUST be repaid.

The priority consideration date for federal AND institutional aid is March 15. Students who have a completed financial aid file by this date will receive priority consideration for all available funding. After this date, most funds are first-come, first-served. Students are encouraged to have a completed application on file at least six weeks prior to enrollment to ensure timely processing of financial aid awards, and to meet Business Office payment deadlines.

All forms of aid are awarded throughout the academic year as applications are completed and processed, and as funding is available. Some points to consider about aid awards:

Cost of Attendance (COA)
This is an estimate of the student’s expenses for the period of enrollment. It includes allowances for:
• Tuition and fees
• Books, Course Materials, Supplies & Equipment
• Food and housing
• Transportation
• Personal expenses (e.g., laundry, shampoo)

Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
The EFC is calculated by the federal processing center using the information reported on the FAFSA. It represents an amount the student and his/her family could reasonably contribute toward educational expenses, calculated according to a formula established by law.

Method of Awarding Need-Based Aid
The basic need formula is represented by the following calculation:

Cost of Attendance
 Expected Family Contribution
= Financial Need

The goal of the EWC Financial Aid Office is to meet as much of the student’s need as possible with available funds for which the student qualifies.

Offer letters
Offer letters will include your COA, EFC and resulting need only if you completed a FAFSA. You may view award information and print your offer letter from your My EWC Services account. Please note that both the COA and EFC are estimates, and not what you will actually owe for your college education.