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EWC Adds Esports

March 28, 2024

TORRINGTON, Wyo. – Eastern Wyoming College has added Esports to the college’s athletic programs.

Caleb Spitzer has been named the coach of the new Lancer team and the team will begin competing in the fall, according to EWC Athletic Director BJ McCullum.

“Immediately we will be adding tier 3 Esports at Eastern Wyoming,” McCullum said. “While brand new, we begin with an outstanding young coach who will make this an exciting program.”

Spitzer joins the Lancers after helping to run tournaments for one of the largest games, Age of Empires 4. He also was a production lead for a gaming platform growing it from nothing to over 5,000 players. He brings knowledge on a wide array of games and strategies, McCullum added.

“I started playing video games when I was kid,” Spitzer said. “In college I started playing League of Legends.”

Esports is any competitive video game, Spitzer said. Games such as Call of Duty, Mario Kart, Street Fighter and anything you can compete against another player.

“Esports is a billion dollar industry in the USA right now,” Spitzer said. There are high school, college, and professional teams.

With the NJCAA, there are three tiers. Tier 3 sports will be available to current students both full and part-time as well as dual students, employees and alumni. Spitzer plans to start this summer with Tier 3.

Tier 2 and 1 teams will begin in the fall and are only open to those enrolled full-time and in contact with Coach Spitzer.

Spitzer is presently recruiting team members. Scholarships are available and he plans to start with 15 team members. Ten in Torrington and five on the EWC campus in Douglas.

Esports team members can compete from anywhere, making it possible for students who are dual enrolled or remote to be a part of the team.

“My long term goal is to have a team of 30,” Spitzer said. “It is a growing sport and it is lots of fun.”

For information about becoming a Lancer contact, coach Spitzer a

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