To ensure proper payment, all financial aid resources are reviewed either (1) after the first week of classes or (2) at the time of disbursement if aid is processed later in the semester. At the time of payment, financial aid will be based on the number of credit hours for which a student is enrolled, housing status, and residency classification. Awards are normally made in two disbursements, half in the Fall Semester, and half in the Spring Semester. Second disbursements of one-semester-only loans occur at mid-point in the semester

Most initial awards are based on full-time attendance (12+ credits). Award amounts may be reduced, or awards cancelled for less than full-time enrollment. If a student’s attendance level drops below full time after an award notice is sent, the financial aid office will adjust the award to the correct enrollment level. If a student drops courses during the 100 percent refund period, financial aid payments may be adjusted. Other situations that could affect payment include: withdrawing before the end of the term; stopping attendance (unofficial withdrawal); not starting a class; dropping a late-starting class before the start date; a cancellation of a late-starting class before the start date.

PLEASE NOTE: Only classes that apply to a student’s declared program of study can be funded by federal financial aid. Classes not listed as requirements on a student’s degree audit/program evaluation will not be included in enrollment status for federal aid.

Awards are usually credited directly to the student’s account. If anticipated awards exceed direct costs (tuition, fees, and on-campus housing), a student is allowed to charge books at the EWC Bookstore until the end of late registration. If aid is processed by the end of the late registration period and a student is due a refund, the refund check will be available approximately one week after the last day of late registration. Funds received after that date will be processed, posted, and disbursed once a week throughout each semester. Torrington Campus students may obtain their financial aid checks from the Information Center on Fridays. For Douglas Campus and Outreach students, refund checks are mailed weekly. Federal Work-Study/Institutional Employment paychecks are available to students the last day of each month worked.