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There will always be a demand for educators nationwide. If there’s one thing the world is always going to need more of, it’s teachers.

Often regarded as one of the most challenging yet rewarding careers a person can choose, Eastern Wyoming College (EWC) has the exact program that can ensure you will have a successful career as an educator.

Headed by an immensely accomplished professor, Dr. LeAnn Smith, is more than ready to lead you down the right path in your education so that you may do the same for others. “We want to get our education majors started observing and assisting in k-12 classrooms right away so we work collaboratively with the local school district,” Dr. Smith advocates. “They have been wonderful in providing opportunities for our students in their classrooms. This gives EWC students a first rate, experiential learning experience. These authentic experiences provide our scholars with a fantastic opportunity to learn from amazing teachers and their students.”

“EWC education majors can expect an opportunity to learn how to be professionals. They will have a lot of professional dialogue whether taking online or in person classes. Education students further develop their critical thinking skills by examining realistic scenarios and determining what they would do. To help our students be prepared for today’s modern classrooms, our educational technology learning lab offers our students opportunities to be very innovative. Our program is rigorous and allows our students to work hard and enjoy the experience. Our students leave EWC well prepared to successfully continue their education and accept the responsibilities and rewards related to one of the most important careers in the world.”

Your journey as a schoolteacher, after completing the EWC Education Program, does not stop there of course! Quite the contrary, the college will assist you in deciding which university or even job opportunities will be right for you. “It’s a transfer program so EWC students end up going to the university of their choice,” Dr. Smith continued. “Due to the high demand for excellent teachers, we have had students who have been able to secure jobs while they are finishing their programs here.”  Again,  “another great aspect is our work right here with the Goshen County School District. Students will have opportunities to become substitute teachers and earn money teaching, while they are expanding their skill set.”

What else do you need to know? EWC can ensure you will have the right knowledge and skills to enter the vast world of being an educator, and at the most affordable rates.

Remember, we want you here and we want you to succeed with us. 

Notice of background check: All education students are subject to background checks for selected educational coursework involving student contact and future employment as professionals in education and related fields. Student financial aid may be used to cover the cost.

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