Welcome to the HR Department…a personnel services entity.  The mission of HR is to effectively and impartially: 1) establish and maintain the personnel policies and procedures that ensure the equitable treatment of all college employees; and 2) provide the services and processes needed to recruit, identify, select and help retain qualified individuals.

The most current Personnel Policies and Rules are readily available for review.  The salary schedules are also available.

HR manages all full and part-time college positions; the Dept strives daily to provide efficient and knowledgeable service in a professional, respectful and friendly environment.  HR and the College’s numerous Selection Committees work diligently to place the right person in the right vacancy to ensure a good fit for EWC and the individual.

EWC is a good place to work…rated by 94% of employees from 1995-2015!  To learn more about the College, its mission and vision, please visit About EWC.

EWC is an Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity educational institution and does not discriminate based-on race, color, national origin, marital status, age, sexual orientation, gender, religion, political belief, veteran status or disability.

If you have questions about current vacancies please contact:

Ed Meyer

Title: Director of Human Resources
Phone: 307.532.8330
Email: edward.meyer@ewc.wy.edu

Lori Moore

Title: Payroll & Benefits Specialist
Phone: 307.532.8307
Email: lori.moore@ewc.wy.edu

Current Vacancies

Aerobics Instructor

Adjunct Agroecology Instructor

Adjunct Criminal Justice Instructor

Adjunct Music Instructor

ESL Instructor

Yoga Instructor

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