Secure Email User FAQ

Eastern Wyoming College is concerned about the privacy and security of your personal information. Because Financial Aid documents can include a lot of personal information, EWC has partnered with Zix to provide a tool for the secure, encrypted transmission of that information. Emails sent to you by EWC employees may come to you with a security statement from Zix or may come to you with instructions to login to the EWC secure message system. When you send messages to EWC containing personal information or attachments with personal information, please use our system to send those messages securely.

You must register in order to view encrypted messages sent to you and send them to us.

Go to:

Click the register button to register a new account.

Register to use encrypted emails

Once you’ve entered your information into the blank fields a confirmation email will be sent.

Be sure to activate your password.

You will be prompted to log in once this is all done. Once you have logged into the portal, you will be able to view the encrypted messages sent to you as well as send them to us.

You may receive an email from Eastern Wyoming College in which the body of the message directs you to open the message using Zix. Just follow the instructions within the message.

Receiveing secure email from Eastern Wyoming College message

If you have forgotten your password, on the log on page using the link Click the Reset button.

Reset your password

From here it will send you to the screen where you entered your email and password followed up by the activate email.