Welcome! Our office staff is here to help answer your questions. We are all more than happy to assist you with any questions that you may have; however, we all have areas of expertise as well! If you have a question that is about a specific topic area (questions other than checking on the status of your financial aid or asking about awards listed on your account), please feel free to contact the staff member for that specific topic area:

Becky McAllister: Federal Aid, Return to Title IV, Financial Aid Appeals, Loans

Terri Hauf:  EWC Scholarships, Consortium Agreements, and FAFSA review for students whose last name begins with A-M.

Holly West: Work Study, Institutional Employment, and Veteran Assistance

Shanna Vargas: Hathaway Scholarships, Outreach Events, Wyoming Works, Ellbogen Opportunity Scholarship, and FAFSA review for students whose last name begins with N-Z.

Becky McAllister

Title: Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 307.532.8325
Email: bmcallister@ewc.wy.edu

Terri Hauf

Terri Hauf - Interim Director of Financial Aid

Title: Financial Aid Specialist
Phone: 307.532.8326
Email: terri.hauf@ewc.wy.edu

Holly West

Holly West - Financial Aid Technical Clerk

Title: Financial Aid Technician
Phone:  307.532.8224
Email:  holly.west@ewc.wy.edu

Shanna Vargas

Shanna Vargas - Financial Aid/Outreach Specialist

Financial Aid/Outreach Specialist
Phone: 307.532.8327
Email: shanna.vargas@ewc.wy.edu