Moriah FowlerThe EWC College and Career Readiness Center is proud to spotlight Moriah Fowler!  Moriah is an exceptional student who earned her HiSEC in November 2020 after dazzling us with her hidden talent: mathematics!

Moriah started working towards her HiSEC this spring, when she was home with her children after the local school closed due to COVID-19.  She wanted to get the most out of her time at home, so she started her HiSEC program remotely.  Moriah’s ultimate goal was to broaden her employment prospects.  “I’ve always worked the same two types of jobs my whole life,” she says.  “I was tired of it and wanted more, but I knew I’d get nowhere without this degree.”

Moriah says the biggest obstacle she faced was definitely COVID-19. In addition, she is mom to three young boys and takes care of her nephew.  Running a household, working, and being a parent often conflicted with her studies, and sometimes she wasn’t able to come to class as planned.  However, Moriah made the most of the time she could spend in class by asking questions and challenging herself to try more difficult work.  “When I couldn’t get the concept of something I’d reach out to my course instructor. I’d ask for more homework or she’d take the time to make it make sense in a different way than what was explained. I honestly owe a ton of my success to her and all the extra time and dedication she put in to helping me.”  Moriah spent hours diligently practicing, and her hard work paid off quickly.  She earned a phenomenal score on her math test— and schooled her instructor in math more than once.

When Moriah needed motivation, she found it at home: “I needed this to be better, have better, and to do better for my children. I wanted more and they deserved more.”  Her kids stood beside her while she accepted her CCRC certificate via Zoom. They could not have been prouder of their mom’s achievement!  Next year they will cheer her on as she attends cosmetology school in Gillette.

“You’re never too old to do anything,” she says. “Never doubt yourself and if you feel like you can’t do it, think again— because you can.”