Nora GallegosStudent Success Spotlight

EWC Adult Ed student receives honor

Nora Gallegos Villegas, adult ed student at the EWC College and Career Readiness Center in Sundance, was recently inducted into the National Adult Education Honor Society.  Janet Lake, EWC Coordinator/Instructor, presented Nora with a frameable certificate, a membership pin, and letters of recommendation.

Determining factors of acceptance into the honor society include regular attendance, cooperation by working harmoniously with teachers and fellow students, and work ethic while performing education-related tasks.

Lake noted in her nomination of Mrs. Villegas that “Nora is a serious student of English as a Second Language (ESL)!   Even though she is a busy wife and mom and has a home-based business, she puts in many hours of study at home.  She recently decided to purse her high school equivalency (HiSET) as a certification of her English skills and newly acquired knowledge of American Social Studies and non-metric math.”  Nora has successfully completed two of the five HiSET exams!

The Sundance office of the EWC College and Career Readiness Center is currently accepting new students (at no cost to the student) for ESL, high school equivalency, or reading and math refreshers for college prep.  Contact Janet Lake at 307-283-2215.